We are passionate about our coffee, so it only makes sense that our beans are supplied by Morgan's Coffee Roasters, a family owned and run business. Whilst being dedicated to creating the perfect roast, Morgan's also believe in sustainable business relationships. Their commitment to support farms that respect their land, water and workers is a practice that we at Longshot are pleased to contribute to.



Our bean of choice is Morgan's 'Fusion' blend. A combination of dark chocolate, delicate fruity and floral notes gives this blend a sweet and balanced flavour.


Single Origin; Single origin coffees are sourced from single plantations and co-ops. Morgan's carefully select varieties from almost 40 different locations around the world.

We love single origin coffee because it gives the bean a chance to show off it's unique qualities. We feature a single origin bean every week for those who savour a change in flavour.


We enjoy; serving up a variety of different brewing techniques, such as cold drip during the warmer months and a hot brew when the winter chills set in.


Organic & Decaffeinated; the water process of decaffeination leaves everything you love about coffee, just without the caffeine. Our decaf coffee gives a sumptuous butter and dark chocolate fragrance and a toasty and caramel aroma.


Drinking Chocolate; Our hot chocolates and mochas are made using Zokoko Drinking chocolate, featuring fine flavoured organic cocoa blended with organic sugar to create an amazing drinking chocolate experience.


Please drop by and strike up a chat with one of our friendly barista's for further information on what we love to do.